Become More Active with These Quick Tips

Health CareStaying active throughout the day can be tough. Many people sit for eight hours at their desks and lounge on the couch after long days at work. Even if your schedule includes a workout, sitting for extended periods of time care take a toll on your health. Luckily, there are some easy ways to incorporate regular activity into your daily routine.

Walk More
A nice, brisk walk can burn up to 200 calories in 30 minutes. While you may not have time to dedicate half an hour to walking around your neighborhood, choose to walk for a few extra minutes here and there throughout the day.

  • Park a bit farther away from the entrance. Whether you’re stopping by the grocery store or getting your hair cut, decide on a parking spot that’s across the parking lot.
  • Instead of driving between errands, walk from store to store. You may even enjoy the added fresh air!
  • Take a five-minute break from work every hour. Use the time to go the restroom (on a different floor even) or refill your water bottle.

Stand More
Standing burns 50% more calories than sitting. This tip, however, may be a bit trickier to incorporate. Not to worry! You can still make it happen by keeping an eye out for the perfect opportunities.

  • Try a standing desk. If your workplace allows a furniture swap, you can stand however much is comfortable for you.
  • Eat lunch at a counter or high top table.
  • Select locations where you can stand for casual meetings. Just need to update your boss on your progress on a project? Stand and chat while you sip tea in the break room.

Do More Chores
Household chores are definitely not most people’s favorite things to do. But they’ve got to get done and you may as well multitask by adding a bit of exercise.

  • Clean your house on a more regular basis. Using various cleaning techniques engages multiple muscle groups. You can even try alternating chores on different floors to add some climbs.
  • Cook dinner. Not only will you probably eat a healthier meal than if you were to bring home takeout, but you’ll be standing and walking around your kitchen more than simply sitting down to eat.
  • Make the most of your time catching up on TV shows. Okay, this one isn’t quite a chore! But you can squeeze some jumping jacks, pushups, crunches, and planks into at least one 40-minute episode.

Meeting a few simple goals step-by-step will be the easiest way to become more active overall. Add one of these tricks to your daily routine, and in no time, you’ll stay active throughout your entire day.

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