Goals of Our Medical Health Services

Family Medical ServicesAt the office of Dr. John Geiss, we provide full family medical services in California. We are constantly driven by the following goals:

  • Provide compassionate, comprehensive and preventive health care
  • Foster long term relationship with patients
  • Effectively diagnose and treat our patients using the latest scientific research
  • Improve the patient safety, convenience, accessibility and overall medical care
  • Incorporate the latest advances in family medicine

Why Choose Us?
Dr. John Geiss is one of the leading family medical service providers in California. At our clinic you can expect:

  • Physicians trained in all areas of medicine
  • Experts in prevention, treatment, and managing chronic conditions
  • Reduced overall cost of health care
  • Comprehensive care

Dr. John Geiss is fully capable of diagnosing and treating a complete range of medical illnesses. We are experts when it comes to prevention and treatment of all the acute illnesses. We also help people manage chronic medical conditions. We will provide you with proper care and guide you through the health care system.

Regular appointments with our doctor are highly recommended so that we can help improve your overall health and reduce the high healthcare costs of going to a specialist. Regardless of your gender or age, our experts are fully trained to take care of all your health care needs.

Most importantly, our family medical doctor is fully trained to provide comprehensive health care through every stage of life. We will take complete care of your mental, emotional and physical health. We study your entire family’s health history and then explain how it can affect you for complete comprehensive coverage.

Services Provided
We provide the following services to all our patients:

  • Medical management of all chronic and acute illness
  • Appointments at your convenience
  • Complete physical and well-child exams
  • Management of allergy symptoms
  • Dietary and nutritional counselling
  • Referral services

Patients suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma or other conditions should come in on a regular basis so that we can ensure that the condition is managed and improving.

In the case of an acute disease, we perform any required tests so that we can identify the nature and extent of the issue. We can then analyze the treatment options available to the patient and family.

For the convenience of our patients, we provide same-day appointments when you’re sick, and even provide evening and Saturday appointments. When you are well, we provide physicals and well-child exams.

If you have any allergy symptoms, we provide effective diagnosis and treatment services, including allergy shots. For maintaining a healthy lifestyle, we offer nutritional and dietary counselling as well.

If we believe you require services from another specialist or a major surgery, we can provide referral services to our patients.

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