On-site Assisted Living Care Model

Geiss MED has led the Senior Care Physician industry for the past 8  years through pioneering and creating a convenient and effective primary care service inside Assisted Living Facilities.  These include on-site clinics in an on-site physician office or suite.  This also includes Primary Care physician services and delivery of care at the bedside or in our patients individual rooms or residence inside of the Assisted Living Facility.

Many of the Geiss MED patients request and require weekly or monthly visits and follow up to address their many chronic medical conditions and medication management.

We have found that many seniors as they require more medical assistance and care greatly benefit from Geiss MED Care delivery model.  It brings improved quality of life, rapid addressing of changes of conditions, and peace of mind and regular communication to our patients and their family members or loved ones.

The on-site Assisted Living Care model includes regular Primary Care visits, as needed sick visits, telehealth visits, on-site lab work, on-site x-rays and ultrasounds as needed, medication review, management and refills.  It also includes regular and routine care plan meetings and communication with family members and medical decision makers.

Additionally, the on-site Assisted Living Care model includes our Chronic Care management program, Remote Patient monitoring program, and Concierge or Enhanced Access Care program.  Additional details for these programs are included on their appropriate pages, see links.

For Comprehensive list of Assisted Living Partners and Facilities as well our Network of Geiss MED Providers see  links attached.