What Is Hospice

  • It’s doing what is best for your loved ones.

  • It’s enjoying quality of life.

  • It’s focusing on your comfort.

  • It’s being at home with your loved ones.

  • It’s spending time with your family.

  • It’s writing your final chapter on your terms.

Our mission is to match the love and compassion you have toward your loved one with a fully committed Hospice Home Care Team and provide the love and care your family deserves. We proudly offer world-class hospice care in Orange County, LA County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, and San Diego County.

Get To Know GeissMed

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Get To Know Your GeissMed Hospice Team.

Kristin Marquez, RN
Kristin Marquez, RNDPCS
Julia McQuade, LVN
Julia McQuade, LVNClinical Coordinator
Raquel Cloutier, RN
Raquel Cloutier, RNCase Manager