Medicare Insurance

Geiss MED is a Medicare or CMS Participant and can accept your Medicare Insurance Benefit with no additional or required contracts or paperwork.

Simply send us a copy of your Medicare Insurance card for Verification and our New Patient Scheduling department will contact you immediately to arrange your first visit.

Medicare Education MADE SIMPLE:

Medicare Part A – Covers Hospital, ER, Skilled Nursing, Home Health Services

Medicare Part B – Covers Physician Visits, Services, Specialist Visits, Tests and Labs, and certain Physical Therapy services

Medicare Part C – (Medicare Part A & B UNDER a contracted HMO)

Medicare Part D – Covers Pharmacy and Medication

Does Medicare pay 100% of my Healthcare costs?  NO, only 80%.

You are required to Purchase a Supplemental or Secondary Insurance Plan to Cover the remaining 20%.

UNLESS, you join a HMO or Medicare Part C, which Covers 100%

For any Medicare or Other Insurance Questions, Please fill out an inquiry form, and we will have one our preferred Insurance Specialists contact you right away!

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