Physician Reports – 602’s

Same day – Telehealth Virtual Physician Reports Available Now!

Call, SMS, Email Now, Our Providers are Ready and Available to Help with the Process and Transition Now!

Patient Pricing:

Covered under Insurance Benefits.
If No Insurance or Not Contract: See Facility Cash Prices Below.

Timeframe Pricing
Within 7 days $250
Same day $350
Under 4 hours $500

Geiss MED is well versed and experienced in assisting our patients, their families, and Assisted Living Facilities where they currently reside or plan to reside with Physical Exam, Virtual Exam and Completion of Physician forms or required Paperwork.

Geiss MED is known for their same-day response and rapid turnaround upon request for the required Physician forms for move-in to an Assisted Living Facility.

We at Geiss MED understand that there is a lot of stress and strain on Senior Patients and their loved ones as they transition or move into an Assisted Living Facility, and our team of skilled clinicians and Care Managers are here to make that transition as simple and smooth as possible.

Contact us today or fill out a Request Form and Geiss MED Representative or Care Manager will be in-touch with you shortly.

If you are a Care Facility or Assisted Living Facility and need assistance with a Physician Form or a new or potential move-in patient, please call or fill the Request Form, checking the appropriate box indicating your Facility status and name.

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